Nicolas arrived from his native France (the bit where they make wine and mustard) in July 2000, as part of the ongoing colonising effort started in 1066. Although well aware that English is little more than badly pronounced French, he had taken the precaution of studying the language at university before getting himself kicked out of the country (mostly for being by far too un-French).

The sad and corny truth is that Nicolas fell in love with London a few years before his migration after spending a week walking the streets of this hallowed city. It was like coming home. And so it passed that sarf London did indeed become home.

During the intervening years, Nicolas sang with the London Gay Men's Chorus for over 10 years and flexed his political muscle by getting involved with his local LGBT network and LGBT History Month. He is a founding member and the moderator of the London Gay Reading Group, a contributor to Londonist.com and is now working on developing his photographic skills.

Ann Widdecombe once called Nicolas "an intelligent man", live on Radio 4 but he didn't really want to hurt Boy George...

portrait by Manel Ortega and Nicolas Chinardet

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